The truth is not out there, it’s here.

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The Fact Is

Only those with objective minds who are honest to THEMSELVES will enjoy and maybe find intriguing some of the attached subject matters. Remember, A Conspiracy theory is not a theory if relevant facts dictate differently.

Rarely in life does an individual come across a situation or experience that is unfamiliar to their preconceived idea of reality or understanding of natural occurrences. Periodically however, a situation may occur that defies any educated logic or comprehension.

So to truly understand some of the attached pages you must first unravel yourself from the reality cocoon in which you have been carefully entwined and accept that not all of what you’ve been told, read or watched  is the true story.

I do not claim that these attached blogs are complete, or that they contain the entire facts. (In many cases this will never be known) but I can say without reservation that they do contain  truths and facts that many Political, Religious or secret agencies would prefer remain nonspread and unquestioned.

 It is of the utmost importance for the reader to understand that when Governments or Religious representatives release information, you can be assured it has been carefully contrived to confuse or make uninteresting.  A single page read in a paper or a brief TV news coverage  does not contain the complete story… It never has.

Remember, secrecy is the key to maintaining political power, social and religious control. Government secrecy is used to hide the truth as to why we are at war and who benefits. Military secrecy if relayed, could ensure the ongoing existence on this planet.   Industrial secrecy carry technology and energies that would save the billions who are starving or living on the fringe of survival.

If you KNOW THE FACTS & TRUTH it is impossible to deny that when it comes to our social and political controllers, something is terribly amiss with their objectives and agendas…

Stop saying,   OH YEH !   “but what can you do?  There are many things you can do;

Stop believing without question what a box on the wall is telling you...                   Stop reading newspapers that are filled with concocted stories by unscrupulous agencies.

In fact, seek a more credible source of media information. You never know, you may wake up and realise your reality has been someone else’s controlled deception…

To Quote Mark Twain- “Those who don’t read the paper are not informed, those that do read the paper are misinformed”    A truer word never spoken.


If reading is not your thing, take the time to view my youtube Conspiracy Channel.

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